This 2nd of May we celebrated in the European Parliament the working days «The future of the cannabis: towards an integral regulation»

PANEL 1 – The cannabis plant. Knowledge and multiple uses. Cannabis for therapeutic and medicinal purposes

Moderator MEP Estefanía TORRES

Ana Castaño – head of State Health of Podemos and Carola Perez – President of the Spanish Cannabis Medicinal Observatory

Jean Pierre Voncken – Patient Case

 Manuel Guzmán Pastor – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and researcher

Michel Degens – founder of the Mambo social club

Manuel Hernández González – Madrid – Cannabis Circle and Lourdes Ciria Roselló

PANEL 2 – Stigmatization of consumption

Moderator MEP estefanía towers

Rosa Maria Tomillero Cortes – Cannabis Circle, activist and columnist Rolling Stone

Patrick Dewals – political scientist and columnist at Rolling Stone Magazine

Eef de Bruyne

PANEL 3. Regularization processes in other countries Towards a process of regularization at the global level Risks and opportunities

Moderator MEP Estefanía Torres

Belgium – Peter Muyshondt Anyone’s Child and LEAP

Portugal – Jose Moure Soeiro deputy portugal and Marisa matias mep bloc

Spain – Mª Concepción Palencia García Senator Podemos and Bernardo Soriano Guzmán – Responsible Regulation spokesperson

Oriol Casals Madrid – director of the Civil Observatory for Drug Policy and representative of the Promoter Commission of the ILP la Rosa

Netherlands – Serge de Bruijn and Maria D.F Hutten

Other countries: Alejandro Moruno – University Diploma in Human and Dietetic Nutrition

PANEL 4 – Cannabis as a new productive model



MEP Stefan ECK – Germany

Jorge Moruno – Sociologist and member State Citizens Council of Podemos


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